Triton City Misfits

Solo Adventure of the Multiplier

...Assault on Ash Island?

While one of his clones does the menial task of raking fallen leaves around the community center, Collin McBerry lays down for a little nap.

He wakes up seeing Corey’s Escallade pulling out of the community center parking lot. He tries calling Corey but it won’t connect.

He heads down to the Grotto, the secret underground base of the Neptune Society. The base is eerily quiet, Collin runs into Cherenkov & SeaWhip: We are heading out of town for a few days. We were able to salvage the Base’s Original A.I. & load it into the Robot.

Cherenkov informs Collin.

Collin again tries to contact Corey & Kriste but still can’t get ahold of them. He is able to pull up where they were heading on the Grotto Computer. The Robot Alpha1 sets him up with a vehicle from the Naval Bases Motor Pool
While getting ready to leave, the Grotto receives a communications.

Come in Atlanitan
This is Admiral A. K. Bertram
Come in…

We are under Nova attack & need immediate support…

Collin heads to where the others should be according to the map printout to rally the Team but then gets lost in the woods.
Collin experiences a bout of Lost Time several hour had past while he was in the woods.

He received a text from Corey for the Team to met at Police HeadQuarters.



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