Triton City Misfits

Flashback continued

Ezekiel’s body contains the souls/consciousness off two others & Hi-Tide would need an empty “Vessel” to put them into, but wouldn’t preform the exorcism on Atlantian sacred ground nor would he cast the spirits out to wander freely.p. Guardian was morally opposed to putting the souls of two Triad members into two innocent brain dead patients from Triton Hospital, and there was no way in hell was he going back to Ash island to use Mario Tsuna or Dr Schratchenschniff.

Guardian and the Misfits took Ezekiel. They pulled off the main road where Guardian attempted to exorcize the spirits himself to no avail the took Ezekiel back to the the Grotto’s medical bay.

While at the Grotto SeaWhip wrangles them into helping him install some technical stuff on a couple blockade Boats (that happen to be in position around Ash Island).

While installing the cloaking field emitters Guardian was summoned to a meeting with Admiral Renard regarding the current condition of Mario Tsuna, and the female lab assistant the Sean had relations with.

Mario’s body is being inhabited by a recently released Atlantian Spirit called the Black Prince. Who wishes to fight the other challengers to the throne of Atlantis.

The Lab assistant has come to a full term pregnancy only six days after having sexual relations with the Speedster Sean Wallace.

Guardian convinced the Black Prince that the battle for the throne will be in 3 months. Guardian took the brain dead body of Doctor Schratchenschniff to the grotto to use as a vessel to store the excess souls in Ezekiel’s body



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