Triton City Misfits

Jefferson Regional Militia Bracket

Avatar of Ares: Round 1 Results

Kriste Lawson’s smart phone alerts her to a file update:

Jefferson Regional Militia:
Avatar of Ares

Bold names have Advanced, Struck names have been defeated

Male Division:
1 Pink Eye Todd vs 2 Private John Dirk
3 Philip Prince vs 4 Hunter Florian
5 Adam Wylde vs 6 Eugene Fitzherbert
7 Henry Glass vs 8 Eric Prince
9 Chris Toff vs 10 Captain J. Smith
11 Peter Bernstein vs 12 Bubba Bernstein
13 Mark Duke vs 14 Bruce B. Warren
15 Johannes Lucas vs 16 John Hill

Female Division:
17 Patsy U. vs 18 Pastie S
19 Auror vs 20 Gwen Erwin
Kristi concealed a derringer in her bra & shot her opponent; CodeName: Snow White.
The Judges require that the remaining rounds of the tournament be fought in the Nude

21 Rose Lambskin vs 22 Rae Rydder
23 Amber Coulson vs 24 Muriel Löwin
25 Anna Aaron vs 26 Elisa Aaron
27 Mary Bernstein vs 28 Ariana G. Hillocks
29 Meredith Scott vs 30 Laura Ridder
31 Margaret Lucas vs 32 Jill Wellington



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