Triton City Misfits

Jefferson Regional Militia Bracket

Avatar of Ares: Round 2 Results

A message pops up Kriste Lawson’s smart phone:
You have missed your Round One bout against CodeName: SnowWhite.
Report to the compound immediately.

file update:
Jefferson Regional Militia:
Avatar of Ares

Bold names have Advanced, Struck names have been defeated

Male Division:

2 Private John Dirk vs 3 Philip Prince
5 Adam Wylde vs 7 Henry Glass=
-10 Captain J. Smith
vs 11 Peter Bernstein
13 Mark Duke vs 15 Johannes Lucas

Female Division:
17 Patsy Universe vs 19 Aurora
Kristi unable to conceal a weapon into the match she had to rely on het powers. Patsy Universe activated her Power of flight & Super Strength when the match began, with it her aberrations showed. She became a mass of living cosmos. Aurora disrupted Patsy’s power of flight, Patsy crashed down, then Aurora Knocked her out.

She then observed the other combatants to figure out what strategies & Tactics to use:
21 Rose Lambskin vs 24 Muriel Löwin
Rose Lambskin; CodeName: Beauty, transformed into her true self… A Were-Wolf
Muriel Löwin; CodeName: Little Mermaid unleashed a deafening sonic burst. The SheWolf powered threw the cacophony and began to thrash the Red Haired Half-Atlantian. Muriel sang a different tune that hypnotized Rose and forced her to attack herself to unconsciousness.

26 Elisa Aaron vs 27 Mary Bernstein
The two nude woman stand across from each other, as Mary Bernstein began to transform into her Bear form Elisa; CodeName: Ice Queen shot an ice dagger into Mary’s throat, dropping her instantly. Medics rushed to Mary’s aide as Elisa clothed herself in an ice gown.

29 Meredith Scott vs 31 Margaret Lucas
Meredith formed a Bow of quantum energy & loosed an energy Arrow striking down Margaret before she could power-up



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