Triton City Misfits

Misfits Flash back:

Jackal Biker member Kane was released from hospital after being hit by a semi truck & being ok. An Atlantian broke thru a window to attack Kane until realizing that he wasn’t noble blooded & not a threat. Tried to get him to swear loyalty but Kane wouldn’t since he was already pledged to the Jackals. Kane lead King to the Jackals club house where Suds & the other Jackals beat King til he was nothing but a pile of broken glass.

Kane’s biker brothers dropped him off at home. Down the street from Kane’s house there was some sort of disturbance. Kane investigated to find 3 bodies shot to death& two others passed out on the flooded living room. Kane followed his instincts to the basement where he found the Guardian standing over Ezekiel sprawled on the ground possessed by two of the 10 Triad members that he killed using his absorption powers during a raid on the Triad Drug House

They took the spastic Ezekiel to the West Coastal Water Tribe Healing Commune to have the Elder Hi-Tide see if he could help.



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