Triton City Misfits

Avatar of Ares

Rounds 3, 4 & MvsW

After the battle with King in front of the Police staton Kristin & Collin head out to the Militia

Round 3:
Male Division:
2 Private John Dirks vs 5 Adam Wilde
Adam Wilde transformed to a hulking fur covered horn crowned beast. The beast pulverized the youth, but Private John stood up again & again getting beat down each time till he could stand no more.

11 Peter Bernsten vs 13 Mark Duke
The two transform into bears and battle till the Veteran Mark Duke remained

Female Division:
19 Aurora vs 24 Muriel Löwin
Kriski plugged her ears with wax before the match began & pulled her hair back to conceal it. When Muriel attempted her sonic blast & Hypnotics they had no affect on Kristi. She walked up, threw a punch & knocked Muriel out.

26 Elisa Aaron vs 29 Meredith Scott
Elisa’s ice daggers flew from her hand before Meredith could Form her bow.

Round 4:
Male Division:
5 Adam Wyle vs 13 Mark Duke
The Beast & Bear savagely battle til the Bear emerges Victorious

Female Division:
19 Aurora vs 26 Elisa Aaron
Kristi was able to get the jump on Elisa and disrupt her frost powers. The two fight in hand to hand combat till Kristi is able to knock Elisa out.

Men VS Women
Mark Duke VS Aurora



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