Triton City Misfits

Show Down at Police Central

Misfits Session 6/20

Kristi checked her phone to see that she had missed her match in a tournament at the Militia Compound.
When she looked up from her phone Guardian was chasing Collin down the hall out of the Autopsy Lab. She followed the chase around a corner to a dead end. Kristi reached out to the wall, surprisingly it rippled to her touch. She pressed her palm firmly against it & sunk her hand halfway into the wall before felling resistance. Kristi backed up a couple steps then charges the wall. Instead of hitting a solid surface the wall feels like gelatin
as she passed between, like waking from a dream. As Guardian chased King threw the dreamscape beyond the looking glass. Kristi was hot on their heals, turning down a long hallway she pulled her fire arm, aimed past Guardian for King & fired her shots. The bullets blazed past both Guardian & King shattering the window at the end of the hall.

Meanwhile meeting with Mordecai about the next “Varnish” delivery, Ezekiel received a text from Guardian to meet at Police Central. He hailed a taxi & made his way DownTown. Collin pulled up in an unmarked Government Sedan the same time Ezekiel arrived by Taxi,


Glass Exploding from Police Central breaks the silence of the night. A figure leaps out of the broken 3rd story window & lands in front of the two Misfits… It’s King.

Ezekiel falls back into the shadows as Collin states down King. As they change each other Collin deploys six clones behind him in a V-formation, the V inverts in a pincher maneuver, Ezekiel tackles King sideways from out of the shadows as the Collins encircle them.

Guardian sprang from the broken window surfing a current of water, raining down ice shards around King, then rising a wall water around then to cordon off the area.

Ezekiel tried to drain, but King deflected his attacks

Kristi ran toward the shattered window, threw a Mag-grapple repel cable on a structural pillar & Jumped threw the window. the SWAT/Battle Gear she was wearing dissolved away as she passed threw the window. She was able to grab hold of the cable inside the window. Then slowly scaled down the side of Police Central.

“Your reign has come to an end,” Collin informs King. Collin & his clones let loose a Maelstrom of Elemental Blasts. Kristi grabbed a police officer’s gun, put it to the back of King’s head, & pulls the trigger.

Collin’s clones pull Ezekiel off of King’s as the Amish kid tries to drain any energies he can from the fading form. Leaving only the Athantian’s shadow as is stretches back to its origin, back to Collin.



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