Triton City Misfits

Solo Adventure of Olly Plea cont.

Olly Alone

He opens his eyes to find himself still in his room, Ollie studies the postcard. Oberammergau, Germany is printed across the back of it in fine letters. He pictures the location in his minds eye & wills himself to teleport but nothing happens. He tries to make a force field, but again nothing.
Out of frustration that his powers are failing him Ollie punches his full length closet mirror. He feels something he hasn’t felt since before the storm, physical pain. Shards of glass cut into his fist, blood spatters his shattered reflection.

“I am what you will become,
as you are what I once was.”

“…Broken.” Ollie says to himself.

Ollie cleans & dresses his cut in the bathroom. He looks at the pills the Doctors put him on: side effects may include mild audio & visual hallucinations, & in some rare cases dissociative disorder. Thinking of the night in the park when he & his “father” fought off the band of Militia Men, Alice didn’t see the dark figure who fought by his side, when they were being followed on the bus she didn’t see him then either. The room spins around him, he closes his eyes & focuses pushing all thoughts from his head: the spinning room, the sting in his cheek from his mother’s slap, the pain in his hand. All around him fades to darkness. Standing in an vast empty void of nothingness. A voice from the darkness speaks:

“What do you seek”



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