Triton City Misfits

Triton Tribune: Science & Technology
The Black Out
There is still no known cause for Mass Black out that occurred several days ago. Reaserch Scientists at Triton U say that the black out has many of the telltale signs of an EMP (electro magnetic pulse), however if it was an EMP, what caused the EMP still remains unknown.
Triton Tribune:Sports & Entertainment

All Triton City has been talking about the last three days was the carnage that was Wrestle-ocalypse. The Skull Masked Wrestler; Lord Battle, smuggled himself back into the country across the Canadian Border after being deported as an illigal alien. He had teamed up with the Latin luchadors “la Familia de Arana” [ El Hombre Arana, Daddy Long Legs, Viuda Negra ] to compete for a seven year wrestling contract. After multiple bouts & matches the 4 some climbed the ladder to face the other remaining competitor the mountain of a man dubbed Battle-breaker.
Battle-Breaker quickly decimated three of La familia leaving only Lord Battle remaining in the no holds-bard Match. At some point Battle-Breakers nose was torn from his face but it didn’t slow him down. He had lord battle in a devistating submission hold. Words fail to describe the brutality of Lord Battle jamming his fingers in the grappling wound that was battlebreakers nose to break the hold & win the match.


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