Triton City Misfits

Whose House?!
Battle in the Grotto

Spectrum Squad:

Gold Leader Mind Control Mega Manipulation Quantum Bolt Blue Cherenkov Force Fields. Mega Wits Red Coral Mega Stamina Armor Claws Spines (body mod) Green. Kelp Mega Str Sea Weed Whip Tendril ( body mod) Black. Priya Presley Mega Dex Entropy control?

Spectrum Squad & the Misfits battle in the Grotto.

Cherenkov & Kelp-Man become non-violent once Gold Leader’s control over them was broken.

Red Coral, Priya Presley & the sandy remnants of Gold Leader were put in the “Cold Storage” cryo-tubes

Random fires start in the Grotto,
emergency sprinklers not functioning

A few miles north of Town Sean feel something drawing him out to an old farm.

The smell of Nitro Horse Powered “Beef” flavored Meat Sticks is on the wind

1 •The farm is unnervingly quiet.
2••The tv chatters on but no one is watching,
3•••the family is gathered around the dinner table
4••••bloods spattered throughout the walls of the house
5•••••each family member is missing a body part or two
6••••••bloody foot prints lead out of the house to the Barn
7•••••••the foot prints change as they approach the barn
8••••••••boot tread bursts to a very large person walking on the balls of their feet to huge paw prints

In the middle of the barn it a hulking shadowy figure is hunched over a whimpering horse sprawled out on the floor. It raises it’s head from devouring the horses entrails to meet your gaze. It’s glowing eyes peer into your soul. It growls but you understand it’s command… EAT!

Down on the Boardwalk
24 hours later

•Trident starts to whisper to Corey

The Throne must be filled The People need a King If the heir is not ready then a Learned Man of the people shall rule as Steward until he is or til another whose worthy makes claim.

Ollie’s girlfriend Elsie’s family went to the board walk. She texted him to join so she could introduce Ollie to her father (Harrison Roberts). Mr Roberts was not impressed. At sunset Elsie wants to try & see the “Green Flash” while riding the Ferris wheel. T
hey saw it
a red flash
and a blue one
then a gold one
& lastly a black one.

After Ash
Back to the Mainland


•Red remnants of the Atlantian has formed into a crab

•Phone number appears on back of Neptune Society Business Card
-lead to meeting w/ Ring-bearer.
-meeting went bad because of Sean.
24 hr deadline to vacate the “Grotto”

•Stealing woman away… She didn’t show
•text messages from Sparky
•"Triad" spots

• Corey’s dad thinks his mom may of wanted whatever is in the family safety deposit box at First Trident Bank

In the middle of the night Corey & Collie convince Ollie to teleport into the Vault to get Cory’s Family Safe Deposit Box.

Safety Deposit Box Contents:
Ancestors Journal
Gold Quantanium Necklace, with Black Quantanium Jewel.

Ollie went to talk to his Girl Friend, after getting Corey’s family’s safety deposit box instead of taking the box straight back to Corey. He threw pebbles at her window she was mad at him for not talking or texting with her (while on Ash Island).

Sean called off Raiding Triad Meeting, so he could run to China & get Nitro Horse Powered “Beef” flavored Meat Sticks.

Action 3
Breaking News

…Again a Night Watch squad of Jefferson Regional Militia Men was found dead their leader Sargent Thomas Jackson Davis is wanted for questioning.

This Just In:
local girl Lavern Loveless has been reported missing last seen Monday when parents dropped her off for her community service lead be Sargent Thomas Jackson Davis

if you have information about her whereabouts please call the hotline below…

The Lost Island Returned

Our Misfits pilot Stealth Submarine from Secret Base out of Triton Bay to the coordinates of the lost Island of Ash. They find a WWII naval Blockade Protecting the Island & are able to pass by it undetected thanks to the impressive technology of the Sub.

Corey’s younger brother is left to guard the Sub while the rest Investigate the Island.

King says:
“We need to go inland, There is another Atlantian stronghold there, hopefully this one hadn’t been defiled by land walkers.”

Perception awareness
1 • Diner
2 ••Everyone in 40’s attire
3 ••• A tween (Billy Werner) is looking intently at the group
~Collin & Sean: kid is a dead ringer for “Sparky”
~Corey: recognizes the kid as the guy who had spotted him on his first trip to Ash Island
~Ezekiel: He raped you
Wits + Composure To keep it together (see Below)
4 ••••Coloreds served in rear
5 ••••• Older gentleman is reading a stack of books
6 •••••• World History, Science & Technologies WW 2, the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000’s
7 ••••••• corner of a Manilla file sticks out under stack of book autopsy notes see below

Autopsy notes: Case File 4732467
Code Name: Last Atlantian

When exposed to a source of Blue Quantanium the tissue samples began to regenerate

Atlantian. Quantanium
Castes Color. Effect

Noble. Gold. Control
Religious Blue. Protection
Warrior. Red. Aggression
Worker. Green. Toil
Untouchables. Black. Leaches

| |
| |
| |
Diner >>—→ |
| |
| |
________________/ /
-————————— |
| |
Town |. |
________________/. /
-————————— |

Ezekiel (botched the composure roll) crashed threw the window & assaulted the young boy for “raping” him. Rest of party broke up the brawl. Old scientist was interested in I and smart phone & took them to his lab to speak privately.

Dr was regrowing the last Atlantian in three different “bacta” tanks:

• “jelly fish” brain
• “sea star” internal organs
• husk of last Atlantean

Dr G. traded energy from the Trident (gold quantainium) for samples of the other 4 colors of quantainium. Learned that Quantainium is connected to the Atlantean caste system (like oil from dinosaurs)

The Husk of last Atlantians reacted to the Red Quantainium & assaulted party. Grabed the Trident from King, kicked him square in the chest & sent him flying across the lab. Impaled Dr G. through the head with trident. Mario hulk/wolfed out on then. Corey put him down.

•Last Atlantians scales were a Dark Dark Green almost black while regenerating in the tank, but were bright crimson after the red Quantainium exposure.

•Air-Head Collin came to with the footprint in chest
(AC not OC or RC)

Used blue Quantainium to heal Dr G. & Mario, both in vegetative states.

Corey debriefed the Admiral in charge of the facility on Ash, about the Island being missing for well over fifty years.

Sean hooked up with female naval officer in showers.

Triton Tribune: Crime Watch 2/28
Fire Starter

The Triton City FD investigators have determined that the Fires on Johnson St, and in the Old Harbor show signs indicative of Arson. If you see any suspicious people or activities report it to proper authorities by dialing 911 or by notifying your local fire house

Triton Tribune: Education
Crimes against Science

There are still no leads in last weeks break-in at the Triton U Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Lab. Three experimental robots were stolen, a computer terminal was vandalized & their hard drives removed. The RAI Board of Directors have reached out to the community for assistance in finding the perpetrators of these crimes against science.

Triton Tribune: Crime Watch
The Skinner Strikes again
A fourth unidentifiable body has been found. This one like the others before it has been completely skinned. The hands & teeth have been removed as well, making identification near impossible. The body types of the bodies also do not match any local missing persons. Inside sources say the the FBI have taken over the investigation.
Triton Tribune: Science & Technology
The Black Out
There is still no known cause for Mass Black out that occurred several days ago. Reaserch Scientists at Triton U say that the black out has many of the telltale signs of an EMP (electro magnetic pulse), however if it was an EMP, what caused the EMP still remains unknown.
Triton Tribune:Sports & Entertainment

All Triton City has been talking about the last three days was the carnage that was Wrestle-ocalypse. The Skull Masked Wrestler; Lord Battle, smuggled himself back into the country across the Canadian Border after being deported as an illigal alien. He had teamed up with the Latin luchadors “la Familia de Arana” [ El Hombre Arana, Daddy Long Legs, Viuda Negra ] to compete for a seven year wrestling contract. After multiple bouts & matches the 4 some climbed the ladder to face the other remaining competitor the mountain of a man dubbed Battle-breaker.
Battle-Breaker quickly decimated three of La familia leaving only Lord Battle remaining in the no holds-bard Match. At some point Battle-Breakers nose was torn from his face but it didn’t slow him down. He had lord battle in a devistating submission hold. Words fail to describe the brutality of Lord Battle jamming his fingers in the grappling wound that was battlebreakers nose to break the hold & win the match.


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