Triton City Misfits

Solo Story of Ollie Plea
Broken Boulder

Ollie Plea, his mother & little sister Olivia organize a large pile of mail has accumulated on the kitchen table in the days that Ollie has been missing. A phone rings

Ollie’s mom:

I have to take this, Olivia get to bed.

She answers the phone & heads to her office. Olivia hugs Ollie before she heads up to bed. Ollie continues sorting the mail; Mom’s, junk, bill, bill, Mine, junk, Olivia’s, until he comes across a postcard. As he picks it up something grabs his attention. He walks out into the cold darkness of his back yard. The air is unnervingly chilly for this time of year. In a shifting void of darkness between a shrub & the neighbor’s fence, a pair of white eyes gaze out at Ollie like twin stars in an empty patch of the cosmos.

The points of light slowly move toward Ollie, a form solidifies out of the surrounding nothingness. The Slender Shadowy figure walks toward Ollie and speaks: _ “You are what I once was”_

Anxiety fills Ollie, his stomach twists & turns. The figure raises a silhouetted hand to is head. Transfixed Ollie mirrors the action, touching his own cheek, it stings from his mother’s slap. A spreading hole in the shadow reflects Ollie’s pain, consuming the dark figure.

“I am what you will become”

Ollie hears the voice in his head as he stands alone in the cold night. He looks at the post card he’s been holding.

Greeting from Germany Is emblazon over a picturesque mountain village. He flips the card over. Only his address is written, but he recognizes the hand writing; it’s his missing Girlfriend’s hand writing…

L.C. Roberts

Ollie goes back into the house, passes his mother’s office, glances over at his mom on the phone. Walks to his room like his mother told him to and grabs his cellphone and started to notify the group where he was heading as he paused.

Ollie then thought about the action, that he was about to do. Letting the others know where I would be. "They will just start to yell at me and saying something like " why didn’t you let us know where you were? We could have helped you." Ollie thought to himself, “that they have not yet rescued me while I was in trouble, I escaped from the clutches of my enemies by myself.”

Ollie grabs his phone charger, cancels the text to the others, and goes through his smart phone to its map function. He takes a good look at the post-card in one hand & the world map centered on Germany in the other, visualizing the place in his mind he teleports!

He opens his eyes to find himself still in his room, Ollie studies the postcard. Oberammergau, Germany is printed across the back of it in fine letters. He pictures the location in his minds eye & wills himself to teleport but nothing happens. He tries to make a force field, but again nothing.

Out of frustration that his powers are failing him Ollie smashes his full length closet mirror. He feels something he hasn’t felt since before the storm, physical pain. Shards of glass cut into his fist, blood spatters his shattered reflection.

“I am what you will become,
as you are what I once was.”

“…Broken.” Ollie says to himself.

Ollie cleans & dresses his cut in the bathroom. He looks at the pills they put him on: side effects may include mild audio & visual hallucinations, & in some rare cases dissociative disorder. Thinking of the night in the park when he & his father fought off the band of Militia Men, Alice didn’t see the dark figure who fought by his side, when they were being followed on the bus she didn’t see him then either. The room begins to spin around him, he closes his eyes & focuses pushing all thoughts from his head: the spinning room, the sting in his cheek from his mothers slap, the pain in his hand. All around him goes dark. Standing in an vast empty void of nothingness a voice speaks out: “What do you seek”

Show Down at Police Central
Misfits Session 6/20

Kristi checked her phone to see that she had missed her match in a tournament at the Militia Compound.
When she looked up from her phone Guardian was chasing Collin down the hall out of the Autopsy Lab. She followed the chase around a corner to a dead end. Kristi reached out to the wall, surprisingly it rippled to her touch. She pressed her palm firmly against it & sunk her hand halfway into the wall before felling resistance. Kristi backed up a couple steps then charges the wall. Instead of hitting a solid surface the wall feels like gelatin
as she passed between, like waking from a dream. As Guardian chased King threw the dreamscape beyond the looking glass. Kristi was hot on their heals, turning down a long hallway she pulled her fire arm, aimed past Guardian for King & fired her shots. The bullets blazed past both Guardian & King shattering the window at the end of the hall.

Meanwhile meeting with Mordecai about the next “Varnish” delivery, Ezekiel received a text from Guardian to meet at Police Central. He hailed a taxi & made his way DownTown. Collin pulled up in an unmarked Government Sedan the same time Ezekiel arrived by Taxi,


Glass Exploding from Police Central breaks the silence of the night. A figure leaps out of the broken 3rd story window & lands in front of the two Misfits… It’s King.

Ezekiel falls back into the shadows as Collin states down King. As they change each other Collin deploys six clones behind him in a V-formation, the V inverts in a pincher maneuver, Ezekiel tackles King sideways from out of the shadows as the Collins encircle them.

Guardian sprang from the broken window surfing a current of water, raining down ice shards around King, then rising a wall water around then to cordon off the area.

Ezekiel tried to drain, but King deflected his attacks

Kristi ran toward the shattered window, threw a Mag-grapple repel cable on a structural pillar & Jumped threw the window. the SWAT/Battle Gear she was wearing dissolved away as she passed threw the window. She was able to grab hold of the cable inside the window. Then slowly scaled down the side of Police Central.

“Your reign has come to an end,” Collin informs King. Collin & his clones let loose a Maelstrom of Elemental Blasts. Kristi grabbed a police officer’s gun, put it to the back of King’s head, & pulls the trigger.

Collin’s clones pull Ezekiel off of King’s as the Amish kid tries to drain any energies he can from the fading form. Leaving only the Athantian’s shadow as is stretches back to its origin, back to Collin.

Avatar of Ares
Rounds 3, 4 & MvsW

After the battle with King in front of the Police staton Kristin & Collin head out to the Militia

Round 3:
Male Division:
2 Private John Dirks vs 5 Adam Wilde
Adam Wilde transformed to a hulking fur covered horn crowned beast. The beast pulverized the youth, but Private John stood up again & again getting beat down each time till he could stand no more.

11 Peter Bernsten vs 13 Mark Duke
The two transform into bears and battle till the Veteran Mark Duke remained

Female Division:
19 Aurora vs 24 Muriel Löwin
Kriski plugged her ears with wax before the match began & pulled her hair back to conceal it. When Muriel attempted her sonic blast & Hypnotics they had no affect on Kristi. She walked up, threw a punch & knocked Muriel out.

26 Elisa Aaron vs 29 Meredith Scott
Elisa’s ice daggers flew from her hand before Meredith could Form her bow.

Round 4:
Male Division:
5 Adam Wyle vs 13 Mark Duke
The Beast & Bear savagely battle til the Bear emerges Victorious

Female Division:
19 Aurora vs 26 Elisa Aaron
Kristi was able to get the jump on Elisa and disrupt her frost powers. The two fight in hand to hand combat till Kristi is able to knock Elisa out.

Men VS Women
Mark Duke VS Aurora

Solo Adventure of the Multiplier
...Assault on Ash Island?

While one of his clones does the menial task of raking fallen leaves around the community center, Collin McBerry lays down for a little nap.

He wakes up seeing Corey’s Escallade pulling out of the community center parking lot. He tries calling Corey but it won’t connect.

He heads down to the Grotto, the secret underground base of the Neptune Society. The base is eerily quiet, Collin runs into Cherenkov & SeaWhip: We are heading out of town for a few days. We were able to salvage the Base’s Original A.I. & load it into the Robot.

Cherenkov informs Collin.

Collin again tries to contact Corey & Kriste but still can’t get ahold of them. He is able to pull up where they were heading on the Grotto Computer. The Robot Alpha1 sets him up with a vehicle from the Naval Bases Motor Pool
While getting ready to leave, the Grotto receives a communications.

Come in Atlanitan
This is Admiral A. K. Bertram
Come in…

We are under Nova attack & need immediate support…

Collin heads to where the others should be according to the map printout to rally the Team but then gets lost in the woods.
Collin experiences a bout of Lost Time several hour had past while he was in the woods.

He received a text from Corey for the Team to met at Police HeadQuarters.

Jefferson Regional Militia Bracket
Avatar of Ares: Round 2 Results

A message pops up Kriste Lawson’s smart phone:
You have missed your Round One bout against CodeName: SnowWhite.
Report to the compound immediately.

file update:
Jefferson Regional Militia:
Avatar of Ares

Bold names have Advanced, Struck names have been defeated

Male Division:

2 Private John Dirk vs 3 Philip Prince
5 Adam Wylde vs 7 Henry Glass=
-10 Captain J. Smith
vs 11 Peter Bernstein
13 Mark Duke vs 15 Johannes Lucas

Female Division:
17 Patsy Universe vs 19 Aurora
Kristi unable to conceal a weapon into the match she had to rely on het powers. Patsy Universe activated her Power of flight & Super Strength when the match began, with it her aberrations showed. She became a mass of living cosmos. Aurora disrupted Patsy’s power of flight, Patsy crashed down, then Aurora Knocked her out.

She then observed the other combatants to figure out what strategies & Tactics to use:
21 Rose Lambskin vs 24 Muriel Löwin
Rose Lambskin; CodeName: Beauty, transformed into her true self… A Were-Wolf
Muriel Löwin; CodeName: Little Mermaid unleashed a deafening sonic burst. The SheWolf powered threw the cacophony and began to thrash the Red Haired Half-Atlantian. Muriel sang a different tune that hypnotized Rose and forced her to attack herself to unconsciousness.

26 Elisa Aaron vs 27 Mary Bernstein
The two nude woman stand across from each other, as Mary Bernstein began to transform into her Bear form Elisa; CodeName: Ice Queen shot an ice dagger into Mary’s throat, dropping her instantly. Medics rushed to Mary’s aide as Elisa clothed herself in an ice gown.

29 Meredith Scott vs 31 Margaret Lucas
Meredith formed a Bow of quantum energy & loosed an energy Arrow striking down Margaret before she could power-up

Jefferson Regional Militia Bracket
Avatar of Ares: Round 1 Results

Kriste Lawson’s smart phone alerts her to a file update:

Jefferson Regional Militia:
Avatar of Ares

Bold names have Advanced, Struck names have been defeated

Male Division:
1 Pink Eye Todd vs 2 Private John Dirk
3 Philip Prince vs 4 Hunter Florian
5 Adam Wylde vs 6 Eugene Fitzherbert
7 Henry Glass vs 8 Eric Prince
9 Chris Toff vs 10 Captain J. Smith
11 Peter Bernstein vs 12 Bubba Bernstein
13 Mark Duke vs 14 Bruce B. Warren
15 Johannes Lucas vs 16 John Hill

Female Division:
17 Patsy U. vs 18 Pastie S
19 Auror vs 20 Gwen Erwin
Kristi concealed a derringer in her bra & shot her opponent; CodeName: Snow White.
The Judges require that the remaining rounds of the tournament be fought in the Nude

21 Rose Lambskin vs 22 Rae Rydder
23 Amber Coulson vs 24 Muriel Löwin
25 Anna Aaron vs 26 Elisa Aaron
27 Mary Bernstein vs 28 Ariana G. Hillocks
29 Meredith Scott vs 30 Laura Ridder
31 Margaret Lucas vs 32 Jill Wellington

Return to Ash Island
Black Prince & The Dark One

The Black Prince informed Guardian that the creature growing in Dr. Schratchenschniff’s assistant is a “Dark One”, an abomination that will consume its mother and all around it when it is born. The Black Prince would prefer not to be in the next room over when the creature is cut free.

the full term baby was successfully removed from its mother. Though there were some peculiarities with its pigmentation; skin is an unnatural black color eyes glow red, and a full set of animalistic teeth. The creature is being handled with caution due to the Black Princes warnings of its nature

Flashback continued

Ezekiel’s body contains the souls/consciousness off two others & Hi-Tide would need an empty “Vessel” to put them into, but wouldn’t preform the exorcism on Atlantian sacred ground nor would he cast the spirits out to wander freely.p. Guardian was morally opposed to putting the souls of two Triad members into two innocent brain dead patients from Triton Hospital, and there was no way in hell was he going back to Ash island to use Mario Tsuna or Dr Schratchenschniff.

Guardian and the Misfits took Ezekiel. They pulled off the main road where Guardian attempted to exorcize the spirits himself to no avail the took Ezekiel back to the the Grotto’s medical bay.

While at the Grotto SeaWhip wrangles them into helping him install some technical stuff on a couple blockade Boats (that happen to be in position around Ash Island).

While installing the cloaking field emitters Guardian was summoned to a meeting with Admiral Renard regarding the current condition of Mario Tsuna, and the female lab assistant the Sean had relations with.

Mario’s body is being inhabited by a recently released Atlantian Spirit called the Black Prince. Who wishes to fight the other challengers to the throne of Atlantis.

The Lab assistant has come to a full term pregnancy only six days after having sexual relations with the Speedster Sean Wallace.

Guardian convinced the Black Prince that the battle for the throne will be in 3 months. Guardian took the brain dead body of Doctor Schratchenschniff to the grotto to use as a vessel to store the excess souls in Ezekiel’s body

Misfits Flash back:

Jackal Biker member Kane was released from hospital after being hit by a semi truck & being ok. An Atlantian broke thru a window to attack Kane until realizing that he wasn’t noble blooded & not a threat. Tried to get him to swear loyalty but Kane wouldn’t since he was already pledged to the Jackals. Kane lead King to the Jackals club house where Suds & the other Jackals beat King til he was nothing but a pile of broken glass.

Kane’s biker brothers dropped him off at home. Down the street from Kane’s house there was some sort of disturbance. Kane investigated to find 3 bodies shot to death& two others passed out on the flooded living room. Kane followed his instincts to the basement where he found the Guardian standing over Ezekiel sprawled on the ground possessed by two of the 10 Triad members that he killed using his absorption powers during a raid on the Triad Drug House

They took the spastic Ezekiel to the West Coastal Water Tribe Healing Commune to have the Elder Hi-Tide see if he could help.

Previously on Misfits

Collin McBerry AKA the Multiplier walked away to do some community service, Corey the Guardian noticed that in the reflection of the cracked community center window Collin’s clones followed in succession after him. The clones “Suits” & “King” no longer looked unique but identical to Original Collin.
Kristie Lawson escaped her magical capture finding herself with The Guardian & Ollie on the Lawn of young Billionaire Mafioso Tony Drake.
When they went to confront Drake they discovered Ollie’s Mom is one of his Lawyers. Mrs Plea was overjoyed by being reunited with her missing son.
Guardian & KL were stonewalled my Mr Drake.
Ollie admitted to his mother that he had Super Powers, she revealed that she is the daughter of Famed Super Hero US Citizen.
Guardian patrolled the streets & stopped the Gang Jump-in of a young Nova, unbeknownst to him high from Huffing Varnish.
Kristie found a surviving Nova victim of the Atlantian Slasher. Her hunger over took her, she offed him, moved the body to a more discrete location & fed on flesh. While feeding she found glass fragments in the slash wound.
Guardian had the Misfits join him at Triton City Police Central to take a closer look at the victims’ bodies in the Morgue. While there they discovered that the Atlantian Slasher was only slaying Atlantian Nobles.


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