During the Prohibition Era several Masked Vigilante Crime Fighters arose to stand against the Crime & Corruption that the Syndicate spilled into the streets. News Papers Publicized & Capitalized upon these Heroic Acts. In a rare early interview with one of these “Heroes” the question was asked, “Why do you DO IT?” His response was the headline Across the Nation,

“I guess,

I’m just an Up-Standing Citizen.”

The headline became the name the Press and the Public at large would use to refer to him, until one Newspaper Abbreviated it down to U.S. Citizen due to a lack of space in the Headline. The New Name stuck and with it the Hero adopted a New Patriotic Look: Red Tie, White Mask, Blue Three Piece Suit with White Pinstripes, Two Star Badges (an Honorary F.B.I. & U.S. Marshall’s Badge) pinning down a Red & White Striped Cape Emblazon with a Gold Star on the Back. When the U.S. joined forces with the other Allied Nations & went to war with the Axis Force so too did their Heroes. U.S. Citizen Publicly Joined the U.S. Army under the name “Private Citizen” and received an O.D. Green Version of his Crime Fighting Suit.

Many Masked Heroes & Foreign Villains were casualties in WWII. Others mysteriously Vanished like the Last Atlantian

Allies of Freedom:
Private Citizen
Last Atlantian
Yellow Jacket
Big L

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