Last Atlantian

The Last Atlantian:

A WWII era Hero who claimed to be the Prince of the lost Island of Atlantis.

During the Latter years of the war the Last Atlantian, followed by an Oswald Productions: Documentary Crew, visited Ash (an Island 5 miles off of California’s Northern Coast) to view the Navy’s Newly Developed Shield Technology when the Japanese Terror the “Red Samurai”
Attacked. During the Last Atlantian & the “Red Samurai” Battled the entire Island City of Ash vanished with all inhabitants.

The Atlantian & the Red Samurai’s Ancient Weapons were thought to of been lost with them as well, until in 1966 when the Atlantian’s Golden Trident was found on a rock outcropping next to the Oswald Family Board Walk.

A current Conspiracy Theory is that the Trident on display to the public is a Fake and that the Real Trident is being held at a Secret U.S. Naval Base. Under the Code Name Project Triton, and that the U.S. is training Psychic Soldiers to trace down those who may hold the key to wielding the Atlantian Relic.

The Muramasa & Masamune blades wielded by the “Red Samurai” are still lost at sea.

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Last Atlantian

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